Newark Civic Center Tree Walk

Can you identify the six types of trees around Newark Civic Center?

Download the Newark Tree Walk worksheet here and try to identify the trees by yourself!

Between the library, city hall, and police station there are six types of drought-tolerant trees!

  1. Valley Oak - the tall tree right in the middle of the plaza between the library and city hall. Valley Oaks are native to northern California and can grow up to 75 feet tall!

  2. Western Redbud - these trees line the library and city hall entrances. They have lily-pad shaped leaves and their seed pods look like pea pods! These are native to the Western US.

  3. Crape Myrtle - a group of these trees are between the city hall and the parking lot drop-off area. These have smooth bark and beautiful flowers in late summer. These are native to East Asia.

  4. Coast Live Oak - a group of these trees are along the back and sides of the curved seating area. Coast Live Oaks are native to northern California and can live for over 300 years!

  5. Frontier Elm - a group of these trees can be found between the police station and the main plaza. These are a variety of Elm that are specially bred to be tolerant of Dutch Elm Disease!

  6. London Plane - these are scattered throughout the parking lot. They have large flat leaves and fuzzy seed balls! They are a hybrid of the American Sycamore and the Oriental Plane tree, and handle urban environments (smog, drought) very well.