Urban Forest Friends events focus on tree planting, tree care, and community outreach and education.

Tree planting season typically runs from October to March. Opportunities for tree care and outreach events happen year round.

Events for the General Public

Urban Forest Friends is a young organization. Currently we lead events for groups such as schools and companies and don’t yet have many opportunities for the general public to participate. We anticipate this changing so we hope that you’ll sign up so you can be the first to know when there are opportunities.

Past Events

Northgate Neighborhood Tree Planting


Trees Planted: 8 

Volunteers Engaged: 16

Warwick Elementary School Tree Planting


Trees Planted: 6 

Volunteers Engaged: 14

Union City Arboretum Tree Walk


Trees Explored: 25 

Attendees: 18

In conjunction with the Union City Library, we explored the wide variety of trees in the treasure trove that is the Union City Arboretum!

Couldn't make it? DIY the tree walk with the list of trees on our "Tree Info" page!

Newark Library Tree Walk

JULY 2022

Trees Explored: 6

Attendees: 21

In conjunction with the Newark Library, we explored the newly planted drought-tolerant trees in Newark Civic Center!

Couldn't make it? DIY the tree walk with the list of trees on our "Tree Info" page!

Parkmont Neighborhood, Fremont

MARCH 2022

Trees Planted: 14

Volunteers Engaged: 16

We canvassed the Parkmont neighborhood and offered free 15 gallon street trees. The trees, offered through a CAL FIRE grant were planted by community volunteers and will be cared for by the homeowners.

Newark Civic Center Park, Newark

MARCH 2022

Trees Planted: 8

Volunteers Engaged: 36

A lively crew of families from St. Edward's, NMHS and MSJ students, and community volunteers gathered at Civic Center Park to plant eight new trees. To kick us off, the kids gave presentations about Engelmann, Cork, and Coast Live Oak trees, and how trees help us!

Washington High School


Trees Planted: 72

Volunteers Engaged: 106

First, volunteers prepared the holes for easier planting. Then, over three Saturdays, Washington High School students, with our coaching, supplies, and training, planted 72 15-gal Oaks, Redbuds, and Gingko trees around WHS, along Country Dr., Fremont Blvd. and Eggers Drive. These trees will provide shade and oxygen for years to come.

Tri-City Voice article.

Parkmont Elementary School


Trees Planted: 9

Volunteers Engaged: 35

Families and students of the Parkmont Elementary School came out to plant trees on their campus.

Newark Civic Center Park, Newark


Trees Planted: 5

Volunteers Engaged: 13

Our first Newark tree planting! We planted three Autumn Blaze Maples and two Coast Live Oaks.

Sabercat Park, Fremont


Trees Planted: 84

Volunteers Engaged: 64

In partnership with the City of Fremont, Microsoft, Greenkeepers, and Arbor Day Foundation, eighty four native trees were planted over four Saturdays. We did weeks of ground preparation that included watering and pre-auger work, in addition to providing all the equipment, leadership for planting teams, and planting training for the Tree Coaches.

Greenkeepers Sabercat Park, Fremont

APRIL 2021

Trees Planted: 25

Volunteers Engaged: 24

Urban Forest Friends assisted Greenkeepers with tree planting at Sabercat Creek in April 2021.

Old Misson Park Tree Planting, Fremont

MARCH 2021

Trees Planted: 4

Volunteers Engaged: 8

Tree planting with Bridge Rotary